Blackhead removal tool is a tool that needs instructions to avoid ruining the skin on your face while removing them. With a procedure, you will follow the step, and your face will be free from blackhead. Here is the procedure to eliminate them entirely:

Wash our hands

You should start off with a hygiene therapy. It is a situation where you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Remove the dirt in your hand to prevent any unhygienic substances from getting into contact with your skin. In this stage disinfect your skin to prevent any bacterial infections.

Disinfect the tool

Any time you intend to use this tool, you should disinfect it to kill all the bacteria in it. You should kill the bacteria in the tool. Submerge it in the disinfectants and stay for some time.

Wash your face

blackhead-extractor-toolWash your face with warm water and a piece of cloth or towel. You can also soak the cloth in warm water and clean your face. Ensure the water is not very hot and not cold but warm. The warm water will help the pores open up to the fullest.

Use the Blackhead extractor tool

Use the tool by placing the loop over the blackhead or the Whitehead and press gently. Ensure that the area accumulated gets dry. You can push the tool down to ensure the follicles are all extracted.

Disinfect your face

After the procedure is through and there is no blackhead on your face, use a disinfectant on your face. The disinfectant is very crucial in this procedure because it will disinfect your face to prevent you from being attacked by blackheads again.

Rinse your face

You should finish up by treating your face. You should treat it by rinsing your face with cool water. In the procedure, you may feel too much heat on your face. You have to use cool water to cool your face. Then wash your hands with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

Apply pore care essence

After the procedure is complete, apply acne care products or pore care essence that will protect the affected areas.